The best life changing book

( What is the best motivational book to read? / What is the best book ever? What book should I read to improve myself? )

Indeed We have made the Qur’ān easy for seeking advice. So, is there one to heed to the advice? (Surah Qamar, Verse 40)

Millions of self-help books are published every year. They are a product of motivated and inspired individuals who find the right answers to some questions life throws at them. Whenever this epiphany strikes, one feels the need to share it with the rest of the world. This is how the idea of yet another self-help book emerges.

But what if all ideas, self-help guidelines are precisely arranged in one book which any person can refer to. All self-help tips and tricks, all mind blowing motivational tips are neatly arranged, waiting to be retrieved. Human improvement can be triggered by many aspects. The holy Quran provides guidance towards channelizing these triggers and helps in bringing about the required improvement. It acts as a catalyst that further enhances the desire to work towards self-improvement. It is the ultimate self-help book.

It touches many subjects, one important being the subject of self-improvement. This turns it into the best self-help book in history. Couple it with the teachings of prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) and they become the most powerful self-help guidelines. The genre of topics that Allah (swt) highlights in the Quran are immense. Various topics like forgiveness, overcoming sorrow, anxiety, depression, working towards success, reward for hard work and patience, negating bad habits with good ones, effective solutions towards mending family ties, financial advices, developing positive attitude towards life, refreshing emotional and behavioural characteristics etc.

Many similar topics are discussed with effective, life changing solutions. Like any other self- help book, the author (i.e, Allah) only suggests people to implement all lessons they learn through it. I personally believe that to make the most of this blessing, one needs to study the Quran rather than read it. For someone who is new to Islam, reading is a means to gain knowledge. But for a believer, it is utmost important that they are constantly in an act of studying the Quran in one way or the other. For almost 10 years of my life, I only read the Quran. I would open any chapter and read the instructions. I would get motivated for a small period of time but would fall back into my usual ignorant routine. It was only when I became a student of Quran, learning every verse and its meaning, understanding why Allah (swt) communicated it, understanding every situation in which it was communicated to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) that I truly started enjoying this blessing.

I look at it this way, if a person wants to become a doctor he / she needs to study medicine. They can’t merely read books and achieve their goals. They have to study books, give exams, practise and learn to put everything they have learned into effect. After all this hard work and patience, will they be able to become good doctors. The same goes for all professions and the same goes for being a good Muslim, a true believer. How can a person call himself / herself a true Muslim, a good believer, when they aren’t even aware of the number of aspects, topics discussed in the Quran. How can they claim that ‘jannah’ is waiting for them, when they never actually sat with Allah’s words, trying to understand it, ponder upon it and practising it in their daily life.

A person who attaches themselves to Quran automatically gains inspiration towards change. He / she begins seeing the world with a different perspective. This gives the person an extra push they need towards altering their deeds and striving towards a fruitful end.  

Every Muslim needs to be attached to this self-help book through-out their life. Studying its meaning, memorizing it, teaching it, practising it and reaching out to others who are unaware of its immense treasures. It is not a book whose blessings one can unearth just by merely reading it, even if it is more than once. There are countless motivational advises and incidents narrated in it and it takes a lifetime to make the most of it.

Another aspect of it is that there is no place for doubt or wrong advice in it. The Quran will always give you the right advice. Unlike any other self-improvement book this advice is coming from the All-knowing, All-Wise creator. Allah is the one motivating us to choose the right path. Unlike other books, it is not limited. Plus, it is for everyone and anyone looking for a bigger and better life in this world as well as the hereafter.

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