Gift of Gratefulness

( Gratitude in Islam )

And that He (Allah) is the One who makes (one) laugh and makes (him) weep (Surah Najm, Verse 43)

I was always into the habit of putting my trust in Allah (subhan wa taa’la) in times of difficulties. It is one of the very basic requirements we, as slaves have from Him, Our Master. But to direct my happiness, tranquillity and good times towards Him was something new to me. On this ‘Eid’, I woke up to the happiest feeling I had encountered in days. Though ‘Eid’ as a celebration is not new to me, channelising it into a blissful day to please Allah (swt) was something I tried to do this time.

A day before ‘Eid’, I was in a state of gloom. Pulled down by the day-to-day trials and tribulations, I was unable to decide if this ‘Eid’ could be a joyful one or not. ‘If Allah (swt) has asked us to make the most of this festive moment, then it deserves to be celebrated in that way,’ I reminded myself. With that one thought, I pulled myself together and began experiencing one of the most delightful moments of my life.

Just 30 minutes into my ‘Eid’ preparations and I had forgotten all my worries. I was laughing, decorating and creating recipes for the next day. It was amazing how Allah (swt) smoothly pulled me out of sorrow and showered ecstasy and blessings upon me.

  • When the alarm rang

It was quite dark outside when I woke up on the day of ‘Eid’. As the alarm rang, my mind filled with a long list of things-to-do and I hurried out of the bed. As an early riser, I knew these first few hours of my day will pass by as if it were only a minute. So, I hurried to get ready and enjoy the blessings that Allah (swt) has put into this time of the day. Due to lockdown, women and children weren’t allowed into the local mosques here in Kuwait. However, watching people walk towards it and listening to the ‘takbir’, boosted my spirit. Reciting it, I started preparing our breakfast.

  • Eid special breakfast

After completing all prayers, when the sun had risen to it’s utmost glory, we were ready to devour our ‘Eid’ special breakfast. This is the best time to create or try a new recipe. Cooking something out of the ordinary makes this day even more special and unique. My children eagerly wait for their delicious breakfast. All thanks to Allah (swt) and His guidance (in even the smallest aspects of our life) we had a simple, lovely breakfast which gave immense joy to our hearts and tummies.


Our breakfast: Eggs and hash browns with tea
  • Selfies and Calls

After the family breakfast, we moved on to our virtual family meeting room. We got done with our photo shoot and wanted to make our parents a part of it. We called them and the kids were very happy to show their new clothes, shoes and ornaments to their grandparents, uncle and aunt.

  • Guests and Visits

It was about 10a.m. and guests had begun arriving. As we received one guest after the other, children got into an excited phase and kept repeating ‘today is Eid, we are excited’. After all these preparations and out-of-the-usual routine how could they miss the point that today is a special day. To add on to their amazement, they also started receiving gifts and went totally insane (with happiness).

Our Lunch: Mutton gravy with rice cakes
  • Eid Gift from Allah (swt)

I kept thinking how Allah (swt) magnified my happiness and blessings just because I decided to dedicate these moments to Him. I even got my ‘Eid dua’ accepted. This made me wonder why some of our ‘duas’ get accepted while others don’t. I had been contemplating for months, and I came to a realization. Those ‘duas’ where we ask Allah (swt) to take our trials and tribulations away will not necessarily be accepted asap. Because that is how Allah (swt) has decided to test us and the whole point of this life is that we are here to be tested. Those ‘duas’ will be accepted at the right time, that too if that is good for us. However, anything apart from that which Allah has restricted from us, is always granted. Unfortunately, we as weak humans keep asking Allah (swt) to take away our tests (which are few). Rather than asking Him for those things which He has written for us (which are more). I am thankful to Allah (swt) that He made me realize how many blessings He has showered upon me and that he has further enhanced it by sending one more gift (i.e., accepting my dua) my way.

(Do let us know how your Eid experience was in the comment section below)

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