What happens on the night of decree?

(Ramadan 2021 Kuwait)

We have sent it (the Qur’ān) down in the Night of Qadr.  And what may let you know what the Night of Qadr is? The Night of Qadr is much better than one thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend in it, with the leave of your Lord, along with every command. Peace it is till the debut of dawn. (Surah Al Qadr, Verse 1-5) 

I still remember the first time, I tried searching for the night of decree. It was few years back when the month of ‘Ramadan’ fell during the month of July. It was extremely hot and the days were tryingly long. Every time we traveled from our home towards the mosque for ‘taraweeh’ (special prayer during Ramadan), we were hit by a wave of hot wind and were more grateful than ever to have a car to cover this distance. Our ‘iftars’ were heavily dependent on water, juice, yoghurt and fruits like oranges and watermelon. The temperature would reach fifty degree celsius and we would run quickly from our cars towards the mosque with our kids so as to reduce the effect of heat.  As soon as we reached home, I would bath the kids to combat the heat.

This is how the routine kept for 20 days, until on the 21st night of that particular ‘Ramadan’ everything seemed different. As we left our home and started walking towards our car, we noticed that the weather was quite tolerable that day. We weren’t hit by a wave of hot wind but instead were welcomed by a cool breeze that didn’t penetrate our bones to cause unease. This breeze was pleasant, cozy, inviting, and delightful. Throughout the car ride, we kept discussing the weather unable to comprehend how it could change this much drastically. ‘Is this a sign of ‘lailatul-qadr’?,’ I asked my husband, who was equally perplexed. We had no idea. But the weather kept improving as the night deepened. The change was too evident and so I decided to make the most of it with prayer and recitation of Quran. The last ten days of ‘Ramadan’ are the best of nights and it is advised to push ourselves to do our best form of worship in it.  

This change in weather continued for 2 more days – it covered 22nd and 23rd night – and the weather was restored to its previous self on the 24th night. I tried to keep a track of any further changes in weather during the remaining last week of ‘Ramadan’. However, the intensity of heat kept same during this week. When ‘Eid’ was declared, I knew for sure that those three nights were ‘Lailatul-Qadr’ and for the first time ever, I found it. ‘I should have done more in terms of worship,’ I thought to myself. But I was glad that I could understand how to search for this precious night during this blessed month.

With a similar strategy, I started my 2020 ‘Ramadan’. I was looking forward to that year’s ‘Ramadan’ as there were many ‘duas’ I hoped to get answered during the month. As I focused on a list of worldly gains and concentrated my entire energy towards attaining it, I completely forgot to make dua for ‘Lailatul-Qadr’. I forgot to ask Allah (swt) to bless me with the privilege of attaining this night. ‘The weather seems different today,’ I noticed as I opened my window after Fajr. ‘Oh! I hope I didn’t miss it,’ I exclaimed in shock. ‘Wasn’t yesterday the 20th night?’ I confirmed with my husband. ‘No. I think it was the 21st night yesterday.’ I had a big frown on my face, ‘I think I missed the night of decree this time.’ I sighed. Due to lockdown, we weren’t traveling for ‘taraweeh’ and had to pray it at home. Every day seemed so similar that one couldn’t tell difference between a Wednesday and a Thursday. Amidst all this, I completely forgot to keep track of how many days were left for the last 10 days to begin. ‘I forgot to make due for it as well,’ I thought to myself. Somehow, spending the entire ‘Ramadan’ home just left me totally unaware and unprepared for the last ten nights. It was the first ‘Ramadan in lockdown’ and I didn’t really anticipate that the first 20 days would pass by so quickly.

With these experiences that I have gathered in the past few years, I am yet again geared up to make the most of my last ten days. I hope and pray that Allah (swt) makes it easy for me and for all those aiming for the same to attain it and earn rewards that will make our scales heavy on the day of judgement.

(Do let us know if you have experienced the ‘night of decree’ in the comment section below)

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