The Day of Justice

An old friend of mine from another faith happened to message me, stating that she has understood why Islam is the right religion. The conversation was interesting and I felt it would be worth a read. So this is how it went:

My friend (She): Hi Heena, I also fasted today for Ramadan.

Me: Really?

She: First time in my life.

Me: Mashallah! Are you planning to cover the full month?

She: I will try, but might not be able to do it for a full month.

Me: I understand.

She: I am happy Heena, now that I have understood that Islam gives solution to every problem in life. The more I study, the more I get convinced.

Me: That’s the beauty of it.

She: True! the first thing I read in the Quran was about ‘the Judgement day’ and that convinced me.

Me: Really! What about it convinced you?

She: The fact that there is so much injustice in this world. When I look around at what is happening in this world – people harming each other in every possible way, or others losing their lives, property, family – and they do not get justice. There is no country or court that gives people absolute justice. Some people wrong others and get away with it while others are left to suffer for life. I believe Allah, will give justice to every human who was wronged and punish each one of them for what they have done. Everyone is accountable for what they do.

Me: Yes, It’s give so much hope.

She: Yes, these days I am doing lot of research on Islam, out of my own interest and I read the Quran, the message sent from the one true God. The teachings of Islam does not contradict human behaviour at all. But what I don’t understand is how Muslims end up turning away from it, even though it is the one and only true religion.

Me: Allah has given each one of us a choice. We can choose which path we want to take – the one that leads to Heaven or the one that leads to Hell. So, just as there are Muslims who turn away from Allah’s call, there are people who are not Muslims, who end up realising that Islam is a true religion and embrace it. Just like how you have come to realise that it is the right religion.

(I sent her the below verse)

‘O you who believe, if anyone from you turns back from his Faith, then Allah will bring a people whom He loves and who love Him, humble toward the believers, hard on the disbelievers, who fight in the way of Allah and are not afraid of the reproach of any critic. That is a grace of Allah. He confers it on whom He wills. Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing (Surah Maida, Verse 54)

She: So true. You know, I live in the north-eastern part of India and 80% people living in my hometown are Christians and the only thing propagated here is media’s islamophobia. I keep informing my friends and family that whatever news the media is spreading about Islam is lies. Islam is a non-violent religion and I want to give people the message about how it is the truth.

Me: Very good plans you have. Allah will definitely help you in this plan.

She: Yesterday, I sat with my mom for hours. Spoke to her and explained to her.

Me: Really? Then what was her reaction.

My friend: She said how will you follow all these rules but she did agree that all the rules set in Islam are correct.  She agrees with the simple way Muslims worship, no noise, no dance and she also agrees with covering from head to toe. No competition of thinking what to wear going to church or who is wearing best clothes and who has more gold. She also agrees that men and women should not be allowed together to pray. It defeats the entire purpose of worship. Are we going to listen to sermon or find the perfect guy for ourselves. Allah’s way of life is the best because he knows human psychology. He has given us so much and how can we pray to someone else. But she thinks, that people will talk, and make fun that ‘your daughter became a Muslim.’ I told her, on the day of judgement, society will not come to save us.

Me: This world is made to break our heart. Our ‘happily-ever-after’ starts once we go back to Allah (swt).

She: Yes, we will never truly be happy no matter what Allah gives us. This world is for trials and tribulations of hunger, pain, suffering, sickness, loss of wealth.

Me: Only Paradise is eternal bliss

She: But you know, my mother is scared of relatives and society

Me: May Allah help your family through all this

She: I know that my parents will support me, since my dad too is interested in learning about Islam. But they are worried about relatives. Like my grandma – if she knows that I have stop going to church, she will be very upset.

Me: But your good manners will win her heart. Initially just tell her we are praying to the same God. Then slowly tell them about Islam. Because, with every difficulty there is ease.

She: So what about the ones who do not accept the message? Will all of them go to hell? What about people who belong to other religion but do good things?

Me: The ones who do good, but do embrace Islam (follow a God other than Allah) will get that same level of good in this world itself. But yes, the one who doesn’t accept Allah’s message will not go to heaven. Logically, it helps to be successful in this world and also the hereafter. Do keep repeating this prayer:

“Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!” (Surah Baqarah , verse 201)

She: True, but to speak up the truth in this corrupted world it’s the most difficult task.

Me: Everyone wants to live in delusion and wishful thinking.

She: I feel so sorry for them, for being so ignorant. They don’t know how I’m becoming a better person by choosing this and following this.

Me: People will always make fun of righteous people and truth will always be ridiculed. That’s how it has always been. But at the end, it is truth that will win. Just trust Allah and pray to him that He makes this destiny changing decision easy for you. And just as a suggestion, you need to be extra strong… so you can face people and also maintain your family’s confidence throughout this process. And in sha Allah when this process finally settles down with those around you, then maybe even your family will accept Islam.

She: Pray for me Heena. I hope things will get better soon.

Me: Sure.

She: Take care. Bye

Me: Bye

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